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    • Maintenance of accounting books and records
    • reparation of periodic and annual accounts
    • Design and implementation of accounting system

In accordance with the South Africa Tax Laws and Regulations, any persons/entities carrying on trade, profession or business are obliged to keep the business records of that enterprise own for at least seven years. In other words, a set of complete and detailed and tidy accounting records are convenient and also cost effective to conduct the forthcoming audit assignment.

In particular, many firms (of small-medium enterprises) are most likely to outsource their accounting tasks to audit firm or accountancy & consulting firm to increase their competitive capability as the cost of hiring a fully time, experienced accounting staff to do the accounting tasks are reduced by 70% if outsourcing is implemented. Moreover, qualified accountants fully understand the requirements of IRD and Companies Ordinance applicable to limited companies incorporated in South Africa.

Indeed, bookkeeping task is quite time consuming compared to other clerical work. After outsourcing such task to accountancy firm, the company can allocate its own staff to implement other tasks in more efficient manner and increase its productivity.

YOUR BENEFITS: Minimization of labour cost.

Statutory Audits

Statutory audits of financial statements are a legal requirement for every limited company incorporated in South Africa. We provide value added audit service to client’s company in which we report independently to its shareholders by reflecting its operating result and financial position of the company in its financial statements.

Not only the annual audit, but also interim audit, and other special categories of audits for mergers or acquisition in small-medium enterprises, for granting the loans financing from financial institutions do we provide to meet the clients’ needs.

In terms of client’s operation, we also would review and assess the internal controls of client’s business and then highlight those weaknesses and risky areas in which fraud or irregularities are more likely to arise. Ultimately, we will report those to management and suggest these feasible solutions for improvements.

We assist you to prepare accounts in accordance with statutory reporting requirements for South Africa and provide our independent opinion to you. Additionally, we provide reviews and fact-finding reports for special purpose.

    • Audit of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and other legislations
    • Advise to clients on a full range of accounting and auditing matters
    • Advise to company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities

Financial Advisory

We provide support across a wide scope, from guidance for new businesses setup, financial personnel recruitment, preparation of regular and special financial reports to drafting business plan and budget and settlement out of court.


    • Acting as clients’ tax representatives, preparation and filing of tax returns.
    • Tax planning and advise on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimize their tax liabilities legally.
    • Assistance in handling IRD enquires, tax field audits, tax investigation and appeals

We help you to manage your tax compliance obligations. And we can also represent you in tax disputes and investigation.

Corporate Secretarial 

    • We offer compliance services, including the preparation and submission of specified forms, company formation, acting company secretary and nominee shareholder and director.
    • Assistance in setting up new companies
    • Maintenance of statutory records
    • Filing of statutory documents, e.g. Annual Returns etc
    • Provision of registered office

Financial Management and Internal Control Assessments

    • Design and implementation of accounting system
    • Preparation of budget and cashflow projection
    • Evaluation of financial results and making recommendations on financial and operational matters

Special Audit and Reports

    • Financial due diligence
    • Investigations into irregularities and making recommendations to clients
    • Special audits for mergers and acquisitions

Litigation Assistance

Trademark and Patent Registration


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